Chase Utley: One of the Best Ever

If you are reading this, there is a remarkably decent chance that you are a somewhat invested baseball fan. As a baseball fan, you probably ...

Scott Effross

 Scott is a reliever for the Cubs. He is around 27 years old, he throws right handed with some sidearm action, and he is seemingly pretty good. From what I have seen of him pitching, he gets a lot of whiffs on seemingly mediocre stuff. His delivery has a lot of deception and his command is pretty good, albeit a bit inconsistent. Off the top of my head, he struck out like 11 batters per nine while walking under 1 batter per nine in a small major league stint of like 15 innings. That probably won't be sustained, but it definitely inspires confidence. His minor league performance was also solid and adds a little confirmation to his big league dominance. 

For whatever reason, he doesn't have much in terms of a scouting report on him. He shouldn't exactly be seen as Neftali Feliz, but I'm surprised he didn't even get the 35+ FV tag on FanGraphs. His age and apparently underwhelming stuff on the surface probably didn't draw the eye of any scouts, but it's surprising that even after a strong MLB debut he didn't even make the list. Regardless, I have a lot of confidence that he is a better than league average ERA pitcher as a reliever. 

If I were to list some of his flaws (reasons for regression here), I have a couple in mind. His command is good, but he straight up misses on a lot of pitches and that is not a great sign. He definitely relies a lot on deception, so hitters/team scouts should be able to figure him out even if he has maybe a strong season or two. His short-term outlook should be fantastic, but it's possible that he will be a flash in the pan. It's also possible that he is just genuinely good and will be a nice reliever for the Cubs as they try to get back into contention. 

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