Chase Utley: One of the Best Ever

If you are reading this, there is a remarkably decent chance that you are a somewhat invested baseball fan. As a baseball fan, you probably ...

Geraldo Perdomo

 This guy has been a prospect for a while, and let me tell you that he is underrated. Let's establish that he is a plus defensive shortstop, making him a very valuable defensive asset. His weakness is his power. He is a lot weaker than he should be, but it seems to be consensus that he could possibly improve his strength and subsequently his power. If he does, he will be a legitimate superstar. If not, he still has a shot to be a genuinely great player.

His discipline is fantastic. He reportedly had a swing change in the middle of 2021 that correlated with a minor league breakout that made its way into the majors near the end of September. After watching his at bats in the majors in April and September of this year, he looks like he figured a lot out. He had like a 988 OPS in the 7ish games he played in Sep/Oct against the Giants, Dodgers, and Rockies. Not exactly a massive sample, and he obviously is not quite as good as a 988 OPS, but that strong performance doesn't hurt his outlook. He seems notably likely to become an above league average hitter. I'm not putting too much effort into this, but if you're reading this, then go read some actual scouting reports on him and keep everything I said in mind while researching him.

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