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All QBs are bad except for Tom Brady

 Tom Brady, also known as Touchdown Tom, is the world's greatest American. He has the most touchdowns in NFL history, will have the most yards by around October or November of this year, and obviously has 6 rings. A bunch of unintelligent people seem to believe that he is not the greatest of all time. Why? Because they are unintelligent.

A common argument that is actually moderately coherent is that Peyton Manning, also known as Choketon, was simply a better statistical QB and therefore is better. The statistics implied are production metrics like DVOA, EPA/play, etc. Peyton is, in fact, more productive than Brady in regards to these numbers. Is it because he is better? No. Peyton Manning had absurdly good receivers with incredibly continuity for his entire career. He started his career with Marvin Harrison (Marshall Faulk, the best receiving back of all time, was there too.) The Colts added Reggie Wayne a few years later and Peyton had two hall of fame receivers in the same huddle for over half a decade. Don't forget Dallas Clark, who was a super useful tight end, and Edgerrin James, an elite running back. Running backs don't matter in the modern NFL, but 2004 was a long time ago. I digress.

In the 2013 season, the Broncos top 4 targets in my opinion were Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Julius Thomas, and Wes Welker. Thomas is one of the most talented receivers I've ever seen. Decker was also really good. They didn't produce great in the year prior, but when considering that Tim Tebow was their QB, they were incredible. This all doesn't mention Julius Thomas, a freak athlete who paired perfectly with Peyton's weak arm but good accuracy. The 4th receiver on this historic Broncos team? Wes Welker. The same Wes Welker who terrorized NFL defenses for 4 straight seasons. From 2009-2012, the Patriots had by far the most dominant offense in the NFL. They could not be stopped. Sure, Randy Moss, although washed, helped in 2009. Rob Gronkowski was fucking absurd and Aaron Hernandez was one of the better tight ends in the league as well. The best weapon of this bunch, however, was Wes Welker. Brady to Welker is an iconic duo. Welker signed with the Broncos after another super productive 2012 season, and his role was massively diminished in a much more talented receiving room. Don't get me wrong, the 2012 Patriots had fantastic receivers. Arguably the best group of Brady's career. He also led the league in every single counting metric. Anyways, Brady's best weapon was a measly 4th option on the 2013 Broncos. Peyton was carried by his receivers.

What about Aaron Rodgers? Well, from 2014-2020, the Packers have been top 3 (?) in PFF pass blocking grade every single year. This is not normal. Rodgers, or Fraudgers, had some insane offensive lines thrust in front of him. How did he do? Well, his 2014 was great. He dominated defenses and won MVP. No complaints there. His 2015 was awful. He was average in about every productive stat and the Packers limped into the playoffs as a result of his horrendous performance. Remember, this is the best offensive line in the league. Jordy Nelson was hurt, but he still had Randall Cobb and Davante Adams (who wasn't nearly as good as he is now, but still.) 2016? Rodgers was incredibly mediocre for the first 10 games before having a great stretch to end the season. The Packers had Jordy back, and still had Cobb, Adams, and the best offensive line in football. After performing terribly in 2017 before and after his injury, Rodgers went into 2018 with high hopes. He failed yet again. With Davante Adams, who had developed into a star, the best offensive line in football, and a very strong run game, the Packers offense was incredibly mid. Why? Aaron Rodgers is a FRAUD. That's why. With a new coach, similar results came upon is in 2019, Rodgers was a little better, and the Packers lucked into 13-3, but he was not that good. So far in 2020, Rodgers is probably going to win MVP. His first legitimately great season since 2014 nets him yet another meaningless MVP. He still had the 2nd best offensive line in the league, behind the Browns. Davante Adams is now one of the most dominant receivers on a down to down basis in NFL history. The Packers savvy and precise playcalling saved Rodgers from having to drop back many times in a game. His average intended air yards was incredibly low. Rodgers was not asked to win games. He was asked to just make the throws, and he did. Except against one team.

For some reason, the Bucs were the only team to figure out the Packers offensive line. The Packers are known for basically just holding and getting away with it, but Todd Bowles knew how to cook up schemes that would disrupt that. Rodgers was horrendous against the Buccaneers in week 6. He is so easily rattled that he fell apart at the first sign of adversity, in this case being Jamel Dean's pick six. His first impressive game of the season came against the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship game. Every other game of the season, he waddled behind his incredibly offensive line and had everything handed to him. Against the Bucs, he actually had to make plays. He was still brutally average in regards to efficiency, with a 0.13 EPA/play(this removes the fumble), since he isn't that good. He completely sold the game by scoring 3 points off of 3 turnovers. However, I was impressed that he didn't completely implode at the first sign of adversity.  The point is that Rodgers sucks.

Are there any other QBs that morons like to argue are better than Brady? Joe Montana has kind of died out in popularity, and his literal only argument is that he didn't lose a Super Bowl. This is moronic because it implies that Brady's legacy would be better had he lost to the Chargers in 2007, Ravens in 2011, and Jaguars in 2017. Marino is rarely brought up. He was very good, but people really just talk about how good his arm was. Brady also has a great arm. Congrats. Anyone else? Lamar Jackson is one of my favorite QBs in the league and the only QB I've seen produce in terrible situations similar to Brady. I also am not insecure about Patrick Mahomes, who is really fucking good. Otto Graham was probably better than Brady in a pure relative to their era sense, but who really cares? I also think Kyle Trask could give him a run for his money but everyone doesn't watch his film so they think he is bad. This post got out of hand in a hurry.

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