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Penis Buttler Analysis Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of my Penis Buttler analysis blogs. While the name makes it sound like the title of a porn company, it is actually just an instagram meme page that produces epic ironic content. Go follow him  @penls_buttler on Instagram. Now let's take a look at his most recent post.

The top image contains a picture of Family Guy main character Peter Griffin on the phone. There is already a layer of irony in the sense that Peter is always epic. It's combined with the additional irony about the original meme "Hello Cringe Department" which was epic in its time. That idea is pretty washed up at this point, so he put a twist on it. He replaced "cringe" with "frozen in terror" which was a very solid choice. Frozen in terror has no previous ironic connotation, but now it does. When Peter is implied to have said something, its tone and deeper meaning change. This whole situation sets up the bottom slide quite well.

I am pretty sure it is a picture of disgraced YouTuber Shane Dawson with a general red tint. I am not sure what Shane Dawson does on YouTube, but I am under the impression that it is some pretty fucked up stuff based on how others talk about him. He is recently in some hot water for another weird video that I know nothing about, so the red tint surrounding the picture fits the context very well and throws in some solid comedy. However, it subverts the scandal surrounding Dawson by completely ignoring the situation. Instead of acknowledging his issues, the text simply reads "100,000 bees are coming right at me" and that is just simply epic. Even if you didn't know who Shane Dawson was, it would still be quite funny and that's why it works so well. Similar to the ironic humor in Family Guy cutaway gags that make pop culture references from the 2000s that I do not understand. 

A weird picture of Shane Dawson in a red tint is being assaulted by 100,000 bees. That is already pretty funny. Combine that with Peter phoning up the "Frozen in Terror Department" and this post makes for absolute comedy cold. Most of his posts are great, but this is still one of his better ones.

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