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One (of many) reasons why the blackpill is fucking stupid

The discourse surrounding all of these "pills" on the internet is some of the dumbest fucking nonsense I've ever seen. The black pill in particular comes out on top as one of the more moronic ideas that the human mind has ever conceived. For those unfamiliar, the black pill is an internet ideology that basically states that ugly dudes won't ever get any pussy, no matter what they do to improve themselves. It is a response to the red pill, another misogynistic ideology that is a little less ridiculous that focuses on intense self improvement for the sake of power and women.

At first glance, this claim is not that far off. Girls are more attractive to physically attractive men. That's not really up for debate. However, this belief system takes the latter to the extreme; blackpillers believe attraction is all about physical genetics that cannot be changed, social skills don't matter, etc.. These claims are just false. Just as a nice anecdotal example, do these morons know who Jay-Z is, what he looks like, and who he married? Sure, he is 6'2", but he is married to one of the hottest women ever and he looks like a fucking frog. Why? Because having a frog face is not all that matters. The redpill community would come in and say that Jay-Z is a highly wealthy, successful, and influential man, and this is certainly a valid point. His physical appearance is certainly not the determinant of his success; furthermore, his wealth has allowed him to maintain a better physical appearance. This is not to say that the redpill community is not incredibly moronic as well, but it is to say that the blackpill is even worse. 

One of the funnier parts of this whole situation is how these blackpilled guys are acting as if they have absolutely phenomenal personalities and the only reason women don't want them is because they look like oompa loompas. I will admit that it is very funny to think that an entire group of people likes to insist that they are ugly. Imagine hopping on your computer every day arguing that you are, in fact, extremely horrible looking. These people might be relatively unattractive, but they aren't exactly the most charismatic population either. I wonder if they have ever taken a step back and thought about how they are chronically online cretins with zero social skills and fucked up views of the world. Like dude, you spend all your time posting online about how stupid women are, of course they don't like you.

While this was all just a rant on stupid online culture,  I do have one more specific complaint that inspired this post. A while back I remember seeing this set of graphics made by that goofy ass motherfucker "Wheat Waffles" on YouTube. The two charts showed the correlation between how attractive each person is in a relationship (how this is measured is probably questionable, but I'm not even contesting the methods behind this). One of them showed people who met on "cold approaches", aka when a guy hits on a girl in public without much of a prior connection. The other showed people who met through social groups, like clubs and other various contexts that allow for a more personal connection to be built. The first chart had a very strong relationship, so attractive people were very likely to be dating other attractive people. The second chart had a very weak relationship, so it wasn't super uncommon for unattractive people to be with people seen as more attractive. 

If you have half a brain, your conclusion would probably be "oh, when people get the opportunity to connect with others beyond a surface level impression, how they look isn't super important." This makes perfect sense. If you are getting hit on by someone you don't know, the most information you have on them is how they look. Therefore, you will probably judge them accordingly. If you know how someone is personally beyond their looks, then you will factor more facets of their overall personality. However, this wasn't the conclusion of these dumbfuck black pill people. Their conclusion was that, since girls won't be immediately turned on by some fat retard bumbling up to them in public, then all that matters is how you look. I'm assuming this conclusion stems from the fact that these socially incapable children are unable to actually get in any sort of social circles or groups to the point where they interact with other women.

This was a silly rant, but I really fucking hate these types of people.