Chase Utley: One of the Best Ever

If you are reading this, there is a remarkably decent chance that you are a somewhat invested baseball fan. As a baseball fan, you probably ...

Andrew Vasquez

 This guy is interesting. The Dodgers traded for him in 2021 after he had some very nice AAA production with the Twins. He did well in the Dodgers minor league system as well in 6 innings, but only pitched 2 innings in the major leagues. Go back and watch those two innings. His a lefty that throws this incredible curveball basically every pitch, while rarely mixing in some 91 MPH sinker/cutter looking pitch. Giants hitters looked absolutely flabbergasted by that curveball. The Dodgers non tendered him in November, which makes me wonder what was wrong with him. They clearly liked him enough to give him a shot in the MLB but proceeded to only give him a cup of coffee, and despite the fact that he drank that cup of coffee very well, he still didn't impress them enough to stick around. Maybe they think no one else will try to sign him and they could get him back on a minor league deal, but I'm hoping that someone does pick him up because I don't want the Dodgers to have their cake and eat it.