Chase Utley: One of the Best Ever

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Aaron Rodgers Choked Yet Again

 On January 24th 2021, Aaron Rodgers surprised absolutely no one when he sold the game away against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Down 28-17, Packers safety Adrian Amos picked off a horrendously overconfident throw from Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers responded with a touchdown. The next drive, Brady drove his team down the field like a stud. A slight overthrow on a pass to Mike Evans over the middle was tipped up in the air and intercepted by Jaire Alexander. A huge break for the Packers, as they had new life. What did Rodgers do? Immediate three and out. God he sucks. The Buccaneers got the ball and started driving. On 3rd and 2, Leonard Fournette decided to completely fail in pass protection. Flustered, Brady threw a prayer down the sideline in the general direction of Mike Evans. It was heavily underthrown and picked off by Alexander yet again. Rodgers was given yet another chance to drive down the field and take the lead with a touchdown. What did he do? ANOTHER 3 AND OUT! While Rodgers was choking, Brady finally managed to lead a long drive without throwing a terrible INT. The Bucs lead 31-23. 

Rodgers threw a couple wide open passes to Davante Adams and the Packers were back in business. 3rd and goal, Rodgers drops back and has a lane to run. He probably doesn't score, but nothing was open. Instead, he throws a moronic on the run pass that is easily batted away. After the game, he said that he threw the pass because he thought they would go for it on 4th down. This makes absolutely no sense. If you knew you were going to have one more shot at the end zone, why wouldn't you make it as close as possible. The decision would have made sense if he knew for a fact that they weren't going on 4th down. There is a low chance that he can make it to the endzone scrambling, so might as well take a shot at the endzone. The thing is that Rodgers is an absolute idiot. He has no awareness whatsoever. This is why he only has 1 ring and would be nothing without his historic offensive line.